The Voice Escort Girl 1

Laura Ballet tells about her life as a "Voice Escort Girl". These are the original, unabridged sound recordings of the 18-year-old German girl. She made them in her bed just talking in her cell phone. She therefore recommends that the listener listen to her voice in the same way: Put the phone or player next to you on your pillow and enjoy the warmth and eroticism of her voice. Laura began the career of an escort girl when she came of age. She experienced many beautiful things, but also terrifying moments that led her to continue her erotic services as a Cam Girl. In this activity, she realized that her natural erotic power lies in not showing her slim body in pantyhose, but in telling her erotic experiences. She loves to captivate men with her voice and to respond individually to the wishes of the paying customer. She creates dream worlds, which she fulfills daily as a voice escort girl for men all over the world. She is very open-minded, generous and loving. It is a pure erotic joy to listen to her.

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