Julia Loves it with her mouth!

Julia likes to tell taboo about her most intimate experiences.
It is one of the most erotic new discoveries of the year.

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Interview with Julia Liebesmund

Sex & Erotica

Julia tells us everything, just not her real name. We think that's really brave!

Friday, March 20th, 2020:
Julia shows only her body in the Whatsapp video interview. She is wearing a short black dress and black tights. Very sexy. She is sitting on a sofa, without shoes, in front of a large window with a view of palm trees and a pool.

Dear Julia, at the age of 18 you started to publish everything about yourself, your family and your sexuality. How did you come up with such a crazy idea?
(She laughs embarrassed) Well, if I had known what would come of it a year later, I might not have done it.

How so? Have you published a number of erotic audio books and even a music album for party hits? They are quite successful, aren't they?
Yes, that's right and I'm really proud of it. But I live under enormous pressure not to tell anyone from my family and my old friends. I had to pull myself completely out of my old life. And with some absurd excuses. The people around me have no idea that I am behind Julia Liebesmund.

Nobody knows your real name?
Exactly, of course only the publisher and my producer know him. But we have a confidentiality agreement.

You currently live in Mallorca in Corona Quarantine. How come?
I was visiting my producer's villa. I actually wanted to take a little vacation and plan new audiobooks and my music performances. But then came the country-wide curfew in Spain. Since then I have only been allowed to go out on the street alone and only for shopping. The beaches are all closed. Fortunately, we have a pool by the house and the area around it is large enough to do sports.

What is it like to be locked up?
It's only been a few days now. It is absolutely unusual. But my producer is a very nice person. He does everything to keep me happy. You can only bear it if you realize that you save lives with it. I am very frightened of the development and very happy that Spain is cracking down to slow down the spread. (She looks very thoughtful) Can we please talk about sex & eroticism?

Yes of course. One last question about Corona, please. Do you feel safe in quarantine?
Oh yeah. Absolutely safe. Shopping here is also perfectly organized so that nobody gets infected but is still well looked after almost unchanged.

How did you explain your family where you are?
For her I am with a friend in Mallorca. My mother now thinks I'm completely crazy. (She laughs.) She suspects that I have fallen in love with a rich, married man. Fortunately, it is very tolerant. As long as I get along with her pocket money, she doesn't care.

Audiobooks are more erotic than videos!

What do you mean exactly?
I am a woman and, even with the slightest bad influence, she is no longer fully committed to orgasm. When I'm in the middle of sex and I'm distracted by something, I fall from the top of my plateau to the bottom and have to start all over again. I think every woman knows that. When I watch porn and I masturbate it is exactly the same. I enjoy the horny scene with the pretty girl in pantyhose. I see a car driving in front of me and find the possibility that a man could catch her masturbating (editor's note: she doesn't mean the father) is very exciting. I almost get to orgasm ... and then suddenly a man with a mustache comes into her room who reminds me of my unloved math teacher. And BUMS! I am completely turned off. It doesn't matter if the man is fat, thin, ugly or beautiful. At that moment I am only bothered by that stupid beard. Do you know what i mean?

Are you saying that this would not have happened to you with an audio book?
Yes exactly. Even if the spokeswoman had said: "His upper lip beard was dark and neglected", I would not have thought of my teacher. Because at that moment I would have imagined Bret Pitt anyway. And if Bret has such a beard, he's sexy.

You produce quite a few audiobooks that you do yourself. Are your orgasms really real?
Oh yeah. Most of the time I read Valerie Nilon's novels. They have been with me since I was 13. I had my first orgasm on a novel like this.

Your first orgasm?
Yes. I had caressed myself more casually between my legs as I read. And then a high point surprised me. I will never forget that.

Did you wear pantyhose?
(She laughs) Yes, you seem to know me well.

Yes, I heard your podcast completely, of course, and there you keep mentioning that you like nylon on your skin. How did you get this fetish?
I'm afraid I really have to call it a fetish now, because I can't imagine sex without tights anymore. I associate a lot of erotic situations with the ballet outfit and I put on thin tights early on because my mother always wore them. I felt grown up with it as a girl. But there is also a connection when masturbating with pantyhose. When I press it into my pussy with my fingers, I move my clit at the same time. It drives me crazy with excitement. With nylon stockings, I don't have the effect at all.

So it's actually not the material nylon, but a mix of the excitement of the men who stare at me and the massage function of the panties of the pantyhose.
(She laughs) Didn't I put that scientifically precise?

Perfect! What do you mean by the excitement of men when they stare at you?
Well, I love to be the center of attention. And I love it when men stare at my legs. That's why I love wearing beautiful tights. They can also be expensive. And, when I look at men's trousers and can see a certain stiffening, I get very, very wet myself. The excitement of a strange man, too, who watches me dance, for example, is often part of my erotic dreams, day and night.

I understand. But you're not just masturbating. Do you have sex with your current host? I think if you are planning new erotic audiobooks, will something stir with him?
I don't want to say anything about that. Sorry

OK. It is a pity that our readers would have been interested. Your freedom of movement gives the impression that you enjoy prostitution and are open to everything. You seem like a normal young woman, even really shy. How does that fit together?
You mean a woman who reports so much about sex needs to have lots of random intercourse partners, so be a real bitch?

Excuse me, but you described it quite well. Basically, very few people expect a daughter from a good family, educated and well-educated, to produce such audio books and to speak openly about their fantasies. Are you surprised?
(She looks shocked and thoughtful. Short pause.) I've never thought about it. When I published the first podcast episodes, it was basically too late. I have to admit that for most people it is very unusual for a woman to speak openly about sex and not be ashamed to speak about her own sex fantasies. But I have to emphasize that I am very ashamed of it. Otherwise I would openly admit it with my real identity. I'm afraid that I'm not enough of a bitch to do that. I haven't had many sex partners so far, and I will never have them. Please differentiate between fantasy and reality. I love my fantasies. But would probably never make it a reality.

I understand. So you use anonymity to share your fantasies and you like that. Right?
Yes exactly. I like it very much when I arouse other people with it. I like to be the center of attention and also like to be the sex object. Dress myself sexy every day, in pantyhose and mini dress or dress with a high leg slit. I like to be seductive, but not a bitch, or at least a very noble bitch. (She laughs) I always want to be dressed elegantly. But that doesn't mean I want to go to bed with everyone. Let's put it this way, I like to tease, but choose exactly who I take the step into physicality with. For me that means a lot more. Sympathy, humor and friendliness.

Do you get sexually excited when you imagine a man masturbating when he thinks of you or listens to your audio books?
Oh yeah. That excites me incredibly. That's why I also have orgasms during the recordings. I don't care what a man looks like, how big his penis is, whether he's old or young. His excitement alone drives me crazy. Is it so extraordinary?

I think so. Many women are disgusted when they think that a man could ejaculate in their photo.
Yes, okay, but that's because they feel abused and don't give the man the pleasure of being attractive. They feel their personal rights are violated. This is something else. I also don't want to be abused against my will. I think I just understand all men and - as long as they don't bother me personally - don't mind if they satisfy my fantasies.

Satisfaction is the most beautiful thing in the world. Very healthy and strengthens the immune system.

Did I understand correctly in your podcast that you said that the thought excites you to be a prostitute?
Yes that's right. But I have to say that it is the thought that excites me. In reality, I'm probably too scared to try it out properly. Except for the weekend that I once spent with a very personable, elegant man who paid me everything. For me it was not a real prostitution, but a treat on both sides. By prostitution I mean that I give a wildly strange man permission to use me for a little bit of money, half an hour. The thought excites me, but I don't know why. The audio books that I produce show that I am ready for anything, for everyone, even for little money. But without physical contact. I'm most afraid of that. I think you should do an interview with Laura Ballett. She has already tried everything. Her mother, as far as I know, is a prostitute. She is my newest colleague in the Edelste Erotik edition. I talked to her for a long time. She has had some bad experiences and still continues with her dance prostitution. That confirms my attitude that it would be better not to put my imagination into practice.

Dear Julia, thank you for the open and informative conversation. We wish you much success in your career and of course health.
I have to thank. Same for you.

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